Back at it again ... Now

Back at it again ... Now

Welcome there and welcome to the new blog site,!

If you've followed or seen my previous antics, you may have visited one of my old sites, whether that was or

Originally, I started off with that had a bunch of content featuring guides and posts around Raspberry Pi and electronics projects, Home Assistant stuff and other random bits and bobs.

After a technical hiccup, I managed to lose most of the blog’s content and never got around to restoring it, so I then spun up This new blog site was dedicated to everything Home Assistant which was my main focus at the time (and still is!) and had some nice posts/write ups. I ultimately found myself posting content on other platforms such as GitHub and ended up neglecting the site entirely.

So, with a little bit of free time on my hands, I'm back at it again but this time around I've decided to spin up a new blog site to host and share not only Home Assistant bits, but other projects I've been dabbling with at home.

I've still got a fair bit of work to do but I'll be hopefully importing the previous two sites content soon for you all to enjoy! When it comes to new stuff on this new blog, here's a little taste of projects and other content I'll be aiming to post soon ...

UniFi Network VLAN Setup

  • Network separation for IoT, NoT, Lab and Guest networks

Home Assistant

  • Alarm system setup
  • Fingerprint/touchscreen door access panel
  • Migrate to Node-RED
  • Home Assistant fail-over/redundancy
  • Mobile/wall panel dashboards

Rebuild of 'Monitoring Server'

  • Setup of monitoring server
  • Create dashboards
  • Remote alerts and automated scripts
  • Reinstate SIEM solution
  • Decide on a SIEM solution to monitor home network and public facing services

Physical Builds

  • Build electronics component storage cabinet
  • Server cabinet storage/desk
  • Office desk